Monday 28 May 2012

Wandering Tutbury Bees

Hi all

We have been kept on our toes as they don't seem to like the desres we built!

As you can see they prefer the box to our hive - but stayed there then all flew off (via our neighbors summer house) then came back with box gone !
They now prefer the bush at the side of the hive , any way on closer inspection we found the queen was dead. We put her into the hive and guess what - they all went into the hive , now please bear in mid we are absolute novices here but the garden is a lot calmer and our neighbors are talking to us again!

For the next installment of our rollercoater time with bees keep watching the site

Mike and Monique

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mike & Monique
    I wonder if this was the problem from the start? Dave and myself said all along that they wern't behaving as they should and a weak/dying queen might been the reason.
    Glad you managed to get another swarm in the other side of the hive which, if they are accepted, will save all the queen-less stragglers.

    Well done! The learning curve went vertical for a while there, lets hope it flattens off a bit now.