Thursday 28 February 2013

Successful meeting!

Thought I'd add a quick word about tonight's meeting, largely for the benefit of the Qatari branch of DaDBeep, (though sure you will have more exciting things going on this week!) Really good turn out from the group & new faces, had to drag people out at 9pm (sorry Dave!) Have 10 new contacts, so will email over the weekend & maybe see some next Wednesday (6th) in the Shakey & also mentioned to a few & agreed with Tim, M&M, Adam & others that we will plan for the hive building event on 6th April, details to be sorted over next few weeks. Thanks everyone for a good evening, see you Wed. Alison

Monday 18 February 2013


Just in the process of fitting a bee proof cap to one of the chimneys on our roof, and whilst surveying what was needed I noticed a great deal of activity yesterday morning. It was a typical winters morning - a heavy frost and bright sunshine, and several hundred bees were buzzing all around the entrance. I have noticed that there are several mature Acers locally that are in full flower so there must be a good supply of local forage for them and a therefore enough reason for them to stretch their wings and get some groceries in.

I have already packed my bee suit in preparation of my stuff being collected next Friday but I will need to un-pack to work up on the roof. Now that would be a good send off - severe stinging to the face and neck followed by a twenty foot drop onto the garage roof.

"I'm sorry sir but as your passport picture looks nothing like you we can't let you in!". 

Right! Furniture moving is the order of the day so must stop this drivel now.

Bee Good

Boyd x

Sunday 10 February 2013

Introduction Event - 28 February 2103

Similar to the event last year there will again be an Introductory Event to encourage new beekeepers and highlight the benefits of pursuing a natural approach via TBH or Warre hives. It will take place at:

Elvaston Village Hall
DE72 3EP

Thursday 28 February 2013
19:00 - 21:00

If you are able to offer Tim, Dave and Alison your support it would be most welcome. Unlike last year as well as the seasoned beekeepers there are now several members who, having kept bees for at least one season, will be an invaluable resource for other newbies regarding the highs and lows of caring for bees.

Sadly the day of this event I will be flying off to Qatar so obviously won't be able to make it but my thoughts and support will be with you all.