Bee Help

If you need help with bees, either a swarm, those already in a hive or just general information, feel free to add queries/comments below. Answers/suggestions will hopefully be forthcoming but, due to our small numbers, please don't expect an instant reply. If your need for information is urgent I would suggest you post something here - Natural Beekeeping Network

Any response you get from NBN could be of interest to other DaDBeeP folk so why not pass it on via this site or add a link to it.


  1. Bait hive attracting a few individuals...TBH waiting for an input! Any swarms near Draycott?

  2. Slightly outside my range, have you registered with the swarm database at‎ that way people contact you if they have a swarm.


  3. May 20 2014.
    two calls today, asking for help with bees...Long Eaton and Darley Abbey
    I haven't got any numbers to call!
    Never done a swarm before.

  4. Hi Phil, if you still need bees try and get to one of our regular sessions and we'll see what we can rustle up.

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