Saturday 26 May 2012

Tutbury Bees (Part 2)

Boyd arrived with a box of bees for our hive and transfered them in using the shock technique !

A few were left in the box and so we left them in it under the hive overight. The next day we had had a transfer from the hive to a bush beside the hive and a swarm had built up . Again, Boyd came round and we put the box above the swarm . Boyd explained how to transfer them into the hive, and Monique was able to borrow a bee suit so that Mike could transfer them into the hive the next day.

Mike thought that was very brave of Monique to get the suit so made sure she was close enough to get a photo or two !

The Bees have now settled down and are purposefully flying over to the field beside us to make the most of what is left of the oil seed rape flowers , - we are finding them on the clover in our grass and on flowers around the garden . We have noticed that they are now comming back with pollen so hopefully this is a good sign .

We really have to say a huge thankyou to Boyd for his patenince , telephone support and enthusiasm.

Mike and Monique

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  1. Glad they have decided to stay. We'll have to compare notes at the next meet.