Sunday 13 May 2012

Bait Hive #5

Having posted a request for anyone interested in beekeeping on my works intranet site I had another person contact me recently. Emma said that she already had bees, living in an air vent just below her roof, but was also keen to find out more about bees and what they might do. After a brief discussion she said she was more than willing to site a bait box in here garden in the hope of catching any swarms that might emanate from her colony. So this morning I popped around to deliver my modified, fifteen year old, compost bin/come bee hive. It was initially a decorative compost bin but now has an inner lid of twelve 17" waxed bars that will hopefully encourage any homeless bees to stop a while. It is located on a slightly raised area directly beneath a large apple tree at the bottom of her quiet garden, so along with the lemon grass oil, it should prove irresistible - let's hope so!

Compact and bijou residence available for free!
Please apply within.
Emma said she had some footage of the initial swarm arriving and will post it to me to add later. Apparently she thought it was a motorbike revving-up outside as it was so loud.  

I'm just off to see my neighbour, who also has a small orchard in her garden, to talk about sighting a similar bait box there. If we don't manage to catch any swarms this year at least it won't be for lack of trying.



  1. Another chance for bee's.

    I currently have scouts taking a look at one of my bait hives. It's straight outside to patio window so easy to keep an eye on, Jo says she'll video it if she's in and they arrive.