Monday 28 May 2012

Unwanted visitors

I went to see my ailing colony on Saturday and found this critter crawling on the comb. Any ideas what it is?


  1. I'd guess at wax moth larvae, but that is just a guess. Have a look at this link as a starter? Pete

  2. As Pete says it looks like a wax moth larve. Could be the final nail in the coffin for this small colony. Would be a case of deep cleaning all the dark corners, and filling in all gaps before installing more bees.


  3. Not wanting to be totally sad but I think it's greater wax moth (sat thru 2 hour talk on wax moth and just about stayed awake) as Boyd says clean and probably best to blow torch inside of hive.
    A word of caution they are attracted by wax left around so good house keeping is essential if you want them kept away.
    Also a strong healthy colony will keep them under control.


  4. Thanks for the replies guys. As you know these were my first bees, installed into a newly constructed hive. Do you think they have randomly found me or been transfered when we did the split?