Saturday 11 August 2012

New lodgers

The failing colony that we started as a split has finally died off. Didn't take long for the new occupants to move in.

 On a more positive note the other two colonies (from natural swarms) are really active. Although I cant get a look inside the small hive in my garden as the combs (9) are stuck solid. I'm thinking about doing a cut out before they swarm next year and transfering them into a bigger more traditional shaped TBH. Any thoughts welcome though :-)


  1. Hi Shane
    Sorry to hear of the colonies final demise. I would cut-out all the comb from that hive and burn it, then take a blow torch to the interior to get rid of any hiding larvae and other possible sources of disease. I'm sure, even having to cut them out, that it will make an ideal location to transfer the colony form your garden to. If I'm around I will certainly give you a hand.


  2. Thanks mate, The ground was finally dry enough to get my van to the river so I took the monster 4' TBH across today. Hoping to fill them all next year!