Tuesday 14 August 2012

Elvaston Bees

Hi all

Whilst Boyd moved my new bees into their permanent residence last week, we noticed large numbers in my now well established first colony coming back really quite white with a coating of pollen down their backs.  As ever, Boyd had the answer, they had been feeding well on Himalayan Balsam.  Since the Castle grounds, that are only across a field, are full of it in full bloom, thats not a surprise & good that they've found a plentiful food source, hope my new arrivals do the same.

I have attempted to take a few pictures, but unfortunately my camera not up to the job of very good close ups so not that clear to see.

Hope to see you all at the next meet.



  1. Envious due to my 'beeless state'. I even started dismantling one of my abandoned bumblebee boxes to keep my hand in! Had evidence of three out of four inhabitants - bird, bumblebee, wax moth; had there been a mouse after the bird I've have got a 'full house'.