Sunday 5 August 2012

Weston Bee update

Hi all
We've just come back from our holls the bees have filled up the 2 slots we left them each end , we checked the bees again on  Friday and they were fine , they did have a mad half hour this afternoon ( then the thunderstorm came ) . We've noticed tonight that some have been coming back with a white stripe on their backs !
We have googled this and most sites say it is Himalayan Balsam that the bees have been feasting on , catching one bee to photo was a bit of a struggle (for me not the bee).
Anyone any other ideas?

Mike and Monique


  1. Looking good M&M. Sounds to me as if it's Himalayan Balsam as the 'on-Trent' bit of you address is a give away. HB is a plant of river banks and there must be miles of them not far from you. Seen as an invasive 'non-native' by a lot of conservation bodies, and it is often 'cleared' with little success. As bee food it is excellent; producing loads of pollen and nectar until early winter. They should do well on it if they have enough fine days between now and the end of September. Keep an eye on the number of bars but don't be to keen to add to many!


  2. When mine have been on the Himalayan they came back with a white dusting on the back of their thorax in the shape of a solid capital i. It's difficult to tell from the photo but it could well be the same. HB is in flower at the moment and will keep going until the first frosts. Aft that the bees will have to rely on the ivy flowers to top up where possible before they cluster over the cold winter time. If I could I would plant more HB rather than dig it up as bees and other pollinators increasingly rely on it to get through the autumn, especially as we seem to be having a string of 'unusual' summers.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Thanks both

    Boyd if you want to come over for a look through or to check we are in the right direction you are more than welcome