Thursday 2 August 2012

Meeting 01.08.2012

Good to see a few of you last night; only five of us but I'm sure the holiday season has something to do with that. In amongst the general chat there was plenty of chat about bees, with most people having growing success. Sadly Pete Tong's colony, even after the intervention of adding extra bees from Tim, looks to be failing. Not entirely sure what is happening as there were three or four capped queen cells on the combs we transferred but bee numbers still seem to be dwindling. I know that there can be a three week lag in between the queen emerging and new brood appearing so I'm hoping that they might suddenly take off. Only time will tell!

Over the next week I will be helping Alison, now that she has some protective gear, to transfer the swarm I caught last month into her permanent hive. Also I've been in touch with a guy from Loughborough who needs help transferring bees from his bait hive into a TBH. So even without my own bees anymore I'm still keeping my hand in.

That's all for the moment.


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