Tuesday 9 October 2012

Various bits & bobs!

Have just been catching up on the Blog after abit of an absence due to a) trip to Scotland b) stinking cold & rather than adding several comments in various places, thought it would be easier to add a post - as with the M&Ms of Weston my bees are still showing signs of the Himalayan stripe, few & far between now compared to a month ago & having walked round the Castle today it looks like most has gone to seed, just a few left still flowering so think this really must be about the last week they'll find any.

I also had a look inside my hive at the weekend for first time in weeks & there are no new combs to when Boyd & I last looked, which is 8 bars.  Which leads me on to my next comment, yes please to some insulation Boyd if its on offer since my hive is less than half full, will need to start thinking about insulation & 3rd point, will put feeder in at the same time, since Balsam definitely coming to an end.

Do leaf cutter Bees like geraniums (Pelagoniums - not the perennials) since my summer pots are still out & leaves are full of holes...somehow would rather it was bees than slugs!

Yes please count me in for the Christmas curry on the 5th Dec but should see everyone Nov meet (7th?) anyway, unless prospect of a quiz (highlighting gross ignorance) puts me off in the meantime?!?!


  1. Hi Ali
    If I've recovered sufficiently from the Nottingham Beer Festival on Friday night I'll call over on Saturday (or Sunday if I'm feeling delicate) with the insulation material.

    Regarding the holes in your geraniums: If they are only around the edge, not unlike a comedy bite, then it will probably bee leaf cutter bees (or ants as they do it as well) but if they are different sizes and mostly withing the body of the leaf it will be slugs. Leaf cutter bees actually use the small circles of leaf they cut out to make partisions within, and block the ends of, holes in wood or lengths of bamboo (as in a bee house).

    And finally the bee quiz will be aimed at being informative rather than highlighting anyones knowledge on the subject. Also the gadget I'll be using is totally anonomous so no one will know who's answered what!