Sunday 7 October 2012

Flight Path Issues !

Not of all you may know that Weston is close to the airport flight path . However my neighbours have been googling recently as we have started to get a lot of yellow deposits on their cars ( they suspected that it may be from the airport) - these seem to follow the bees flight path .

Does anyone else have a similar thing, also is it a problem,  as the hive is OK with very little in the way of yellow spots? The roof of the house has them as well .

This was taken this morning just as the fog cleared and flight control cleared them all for takeoff on another HB mission.

Any thoughts or ideas please let us know or we'll be car cleaning for a while



  1. M & M ,

    I think if you sit and watch for a while you will see the bees leaving the entrance and when not far into their journey , they will defecate , you need to watch quite carefully as its not always easy to see a bee pooing !! with lots of rain about and the temperatures falling , also I think the pollen they are collecting is a bit soggy with extra moisture and they are getting rid of it before they settle down for the winter ...stand under their flight path your white bee suits and you can collect some for analysis and let us know


    1. Thanks Marise
      I'm not sure how to analise the yellow stuff but I'll take your word for it. I was hoping to blame it on Ryan Air or similar. Any one got any low cost car cleaning kit?

  2. Hi Mike & Monique
    As Marise says it is almost certainly bee poo; even with such tiny brains they are smart enough not to '***t on their own doorstep'. Do keep an eye on it thought as if it gets nearer and more copious near the hive it could indicate problems. Also I wouldn't own up to being the sourse of the yellow rain or all your neighbours, with their shiney cars, will be demanding weekly car washes no matter what colour/size the poop - just keep blaming the airlines.


  3. Yep I'm with Marise and Boyd definitely sounds like bee poo. If I watch mine disapear across the field when about 30 foot away deposits normally occur.

  4. 'Fraid so. If you manage to stand around your hive long enough in your suit you may find that the knackered looking bee that has just landed on you has deposited a little token of thanks that looks very similar to the deposits on your neighbour's car. I'd go with the Ryan Air/dessert sand theory and hope no one looks too closely at any passing bees.