Saturday 28 April 2012

Flowers for the garden.

As we all know our bees are in decline, as bee keepers we are trying to help. We can also help by planting our gardens full of plants that are good for bees. The RHS produce a list of plants that they have dubbed 'Perfect for Pollinators'. If you see this logo you can be sure it's going to help the bees with either nectar or pollen.

For those budding gardeners among you the full list is on the RHS site just follow the link. Perfect for Pollinators.



  1. Thanks for posting this comprehensive list Dave. As soon as I can arrange the purchase of several immediate neighbours gardens I intend to work my way through the list ordering at least one of each!!!


  2. Great list thanks, what a nice excuse to buy some more plants! Just a simple tip to add, which everyone probably knows already, but when you 're choosing plants always go for the single varieties. The doubles stop bees getting in to pollinate because there's too many petals in the way.

  3. Yea its a pretty impressive list, like Boyd I'm thinking maybe the field next door.