Sunday 15 April 2012

First bees

Finally got some bees for my hive today thanks to Boyd. As you can see from the pics, I mainly stood around taking the pictures while he did all the work, although the bees seemed just as angry with me anyway.

 It was quite an experience being so close to so many irritated insects and I was suprised by how loud they were and shocked to feel them all dive bombing. I had my fingers crossed that my bee suit was done up properly and that the cluster over my face stayed on the outside of the mesh screen.

By 1630 they were in their new location. From my vantage point in the summer house I watched them come out in groups of three and four, flying around in a  disorientated fashion. By 1830 when activity seemed to have stopped,  I reckon about a hundred bees had left, but only around ten had returned. Hopefully the exodus will slow down tommorow!