Saturday 6 April 2013

Beeautiful Day!

Mother Nature must have been in support of our efforts to increase the local bee population by providing us with the first day of spring that actually felt like spring rather than the arctic tundra! A fantastic day, thanks to everyone for making it so enjoyable & great success of 6 hives nearly complete - here's to stage 2 & the roof build in a couple of weeks! Alison


  1. It was indeed a brilliant day, nice to see plenty of people just turn up to help with the hive building.

    Good to see Alisons bees up and about as well, especially as they were believed to be post mortem.

    Good day all round and a big thanks to the hosts for the continuous supply of tea and coffee along with soup for dinner.

    Cheers Dave

  2. One of the first times I've wished I'd been in the UK rather thsn here. Looks to have been a brilliant success, and the Gods were really with you weather wise.

    Well Done to you all for getting it off the ground and keep up the good work(s).


  3. Excellent day, thoroughly enjoyed it, good to see the hives take shape - hope the bees appreciate all our efforts!

  4. Forgot to add - someone has left a blue Regatta coat & work gloves, pop round any time to collect. Alison

  5. Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone. I don't think I ever would have managed to build one by myself, but now I have a great hive and can't wait to see bees using it.

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