Sunday 10 March 2013

First Bees

Whilst waiting to be picked-up for work this morning I noticed my first bees in Doha. The few I saw were working hard to try and find pollen and/or nectar amongst some rather scruffy bedding plants; but without much success as most of the flowers were either closed or not yet fully formed.

The bees themselves were small and fairly dark with pale grey pollen bundles on their legs. I will try tomorrow to photograph a few if they stay still long enough and at the weekend I will try to bee-line them to see where they are coming from. So cue some funny looks from other residents!

I'm happy now that I have something bee related to do and that it's an activity that doesn't revolve around shopping or eating!

Cheers for now......



  1. Quick, knock up a hive and install it on your office balcony. Bees will love the stunning view and the unusual, exotic European style bee accommodation. ;-)

  2. I have already thought of that Pete. Because there is so much construction going on here there is loads of wood lying about the place. So in order to possibly knock up a hive up I have been investigating hand tools at the local hypermarket. I know that my beekeeping suit is arriving with all my other stuff soon but I'm not sure if I included the lemon grass oil; if not I'm sure there will be something similar in one of the local bizzares. I imagine that there will be umpteen reasons why I can't keep bees here but I think I'll adopt light guerrilla tactics in the first instance and hope nobody official notices.

    Deportation here I come!


  3. Go fot it, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I reckon you could get a couple of local workers to knock you one up for a few Riyals (cheaper than getting the tools at any rate!).


  4. Not sure Pete's advice of 'its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission' is wise to listen to in most Arab states, however liberal Qatar is?!?! However, look forward to the updates regarding 'guerilla beekeeping'! We have more snow currently, so please don't expect any sympathy for sunburn (as per your blog!)

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