Monday 18 February 2013


Just in the process of fitting a bee proof cap to one of the chimneys on our roof, and whilst surveying what was needed I noticed a great deal of activity yesterday morning. It was a typical winters morning - a heavy frost and bright sunshine, and several hundred bees were buzzing all around the entrance. I have noticed that there are several mature Acers locally that are in full flower so there must be a good supply of local forage for them and a therefore enough reason for them to stretch their wings and get some groceries in.

I have already packed my bee suit in preparation of my stuff being collected next Friday but I will need to un-pack to work up on the roof. Now that would be a good send off - severe stinging to the face and neck followed by a twenty foot drop onto the garage roof.

"I'm sorry sir but as your passport picture looks nothing like you we can't let you in!". 

Right! Furniture moving is the order of the day so must stop this drivel now.

Bee Good

Boyd x


  1. I , for one , am hoping to hear about any bee activities you undertake in Qatar ....they must have bees there , and with your experience and bee suit you can get involved in some way I am quite sure , . Good luck .

    1. Hi Marise
      Very good to hear from you. And yes, there are bees in Qatar but not very many I suspect. I know there is a group there called Sustainable Qatar that had a guest speaker from the countries only 'commercial' apiary, and my wife sent me a link to a swarm being found in someones back yard. So there are definately bees there but whether I'll be able/allowed to keep them only time will tell. It will certainly throw-up a different set of issues but I will most definately give it a try.

      Best wishes to you and your bees.