Monday 18 June 2012

Tutbury Bees (Now Weston Bees) update

Well ....

I had to see tonight if the new swarm had communicated with the Tutbury set , the comb was looking great but not a bee insight - I hope that this is a good thing and they have joined the throng making all the noise beeside them - showing them around the neighborhood , next doors summer house and how to make the lady run fast! The paper hadn't been touched over the follower board so hopefully they are all being well beehived together.
I swapped the follower board over and took this photo, the frame seems to have dropped but if they are happy (and staying) then so are we .
Its a simlar picture from the other side as I installed my feeder tonight with half measure to start with.The takeaway tray was empty and no dead bees in, so we had the stick ratio right,  but it did have a few ants (Monique hates ants ) .
A small piece of comb has dropped into the bottom , but I have moved the comb in from the Tutbury bee side and sealled the hole up - is this OK ? I'm going to leave them alone for a bit now and let them do what they like doing. I'll be able to top up the feeder without opening the bees up later in the week. Now to buy some sugar. (Monique was wondering can I make a feed that doesnt attract ants)

Mike and Monique


  1. Interesting cluster, is the entrance under that lot.
    That said they look happy enough.


  2. Hi Mike & Monique
    Looks to be a healthy colony; all they need to do now is expand a bit. Apart from topping up any feed I would certainly leave them to it. Any loose comb that has been cleaned-up by the bees can be removed as they don't recycle the wax and it is an attractant for wax moths.