Sunday 23 December 2012


The break in the rain has seen a lot of activity from the colony in my chimney. Not sure if there is much forage around for them but the chance to stretch their wings and look for some late Himalayan Balsam or Ivy won't pass them by I'm sure. How are things with other folks?

Do folks think it might be an idea to organise some sort of promotional/recruitment exercise, in say February, to promote 'natural beekeeping' and encourage new members? Will be a bit short notice but would be keen to give it a try before I leave.

Have finally had confirmation of the job in Qatar (still can't quite believe how much they are willing to pay) so barring the final paperwork checks I suspect I will be leaving at the end of February. Still have lots to sort out but will at least make two more DaDBeeP meetings.

Hope your and yours (not just the bees) have a Good Holiday & Prosperous New Year, and hopefully see some of you on the 9th January.


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