Friday 6 July 2012

Whats going on ?

Hi bee bloggers,  the bees tonight are covering the entrances - does this mean that they would like a door fitting and some central heating?

With it being very wet today is this just safety mode to keep (s)warm ?

So our question is , is this unusual beehaviour or is this following a normal pattern?

We topped the feed up again tonight so hopefully they will be able to top up and  it'll be a bit drier tomorrow .

Mike and Monique ( well Mike really).


  1. Welcome to the world of bee's.

    It could be a number of things.

    They tend to do it if they are over crowded, so make sure they have suffiecient top bars free(aim to stay 2 ahead of them.

    They might be hot.

    They might be preparing to leave(unlikely if they have brood).

    They might have a robbing issue and have baracaded the door.

    I take it they went back inside when it got dark, if they did don't worry to much and see how it goes.


  2. Hi M&M
    Suspect it's just bees doing what bees do. Even though they are comparatively small if lots of bees are trying to make the most of a brief dry spell they will crowd the entrance. If they have been couped-up inside for a while it may also be the equivalent of 'stretching your legs on the patio'. But what do I know? Just keep a record of what/when and you might see a pattern emerge.