Sunday 1 July 2012

On a Lighter Note - Weston Bees !

Hi all

We've left it 10 days before taking another peek into the hive to see what the bees have bee(n) upto.
With some trepidation despite a bit of training from Dave,  Monique chose  the camera option ( big lens and at a distance (( only kidding)). But this was totally unnecessary as our bees have been (I won't do any more puns after this) very busy .

Mike checked the hive for ants under direction from Monique ( you know she doesnt like ants) - and did you know that this is the most important thing you need to do ( see previous bloggs)  once removing the lid is to squish as many as he could before checking the feeder for drowned ants ( oh and topping it up) , then we (well Mike) removed the followers to have a look.
There are load more bees - where have they come from ? also there are  4 more combs 2 each side and the larger one, 2nd in has some golden stuff in it.

By the way I'm off to Asda to get some more bee keeping gloves tomorrow as I found out later these had a rip in them!

So the Weston Bees are now a colony we guess, and are very excited that this swarm has settled down and moved in and are very active harvesting pollen and nectar.
So what next ? We'll see you all shortly at the July meeting.

All the best
Monique and Mike


  1. Nice to see them building up, if the 'golden stuff' is in the middle of the comb then this is going to be new capped brood, you should also have had a ring of grubs and then a ring of eggs(difficult to spot till your used to it). You just need to keep an eye out for pollen and nectar/honey. If it looks like there is no honey you may have to feed to keep them building.

    See you Wednesday


  2. Hi guys, I saw a piece about companion planting on the Hampton Court flower show last night and one of the things mentioned was getting rid of ants naturally. Apparantly mint chopped off the plant and laid around the problem area cleared them out straight away.

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