Thursday, 14 June 2012

Weston on Trent update

Hi all

We have moved our old bees along a bit and put a sheet of paper over some holes as we didnt fancy getting the icing sugar out as Monique has got some baking to do for the weston scarecrow trail this weekend!  We moved our old bees along.
Then we attached the comb from each of Daves bars using a cable tie as suggested last night , I had  a bit of a job with the bit of frame but with some help it became detached from the old bar and its now in our TBH.
I'm not sure if it'll stay on the new bar but it was covered in bees and they were very well beehived as we transfered them into their new home. Hopefully they will settle down and we've put some feed out for them .
Many thanks to Dave for dropping the Swarm off last night , we promise to try and keep this one !

BFN Mike and Monique