Tuesday 12 June 2012

Bottomless beekeeping - a rebellion too far?

Some of you may be wondering about my passion for 'bottomless' beehives and why I am experimenting with bottomless top bar hives. Well the best description of what it's about comes from Beesource.com at this link:


I'd be interested in your thoughts so post your comments below .....


  1. Hi Tim
    Excellent article and seems like a sound bloke! Experimentation like this is, I think, the essence of what 'natural beekeeping' is about. Being willing and able to try out different ideas without being dragged down by dogmatic 'rules'. I have actually gone in the opposite direction and in my newest hive don't have any openings other than the entrance hole (singular, at one end). The reasoning for this is an assumption that bees are also trying to create a stable, controlable, environment within the hive that has a year round temperature of 36C. I don't think there are any right or wrong ways about it just different interpretations of going about it. Ultimately the bees will decide for themselves either by growing, leaving or dying - and our intervention will probably help or hinder all of these at some point.


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