Thursday 14 June 2012

Dale Abbey swarm

Just got back from housing a swarm in Dale Abbey, a few miles north-east of Derby. Apparently they had been there for four days with the warm spell on Sunday being the trigger. I was surprised to find them still there. As I arrived it was getting dark, the wind was getting up and it was starting to rain so I didn't want to faff about. I used a recently made weighty18"x18" bait box and, as they had been out in the open for so long, added a top feeder with two litres of 50/50 syrup for good measure. If the weather over the next few days is a bad as predicted at least they can power-up and made a start on building their new home. They were as good-as-gold and the whole procedure, including the round trip to get there, took less than forty minutes. If they stay I will go back and collect them over the weekend (and take some pictures which I forgot in my haste due to the rain). All I need to do if find somewhere for them be permanently sited - Any ideas? 

Had three more calls regarding bumble bee nests but was able to persuade them all that they don't constitute any real threat and will die-out come winter. I think I need  a pre-recorded message on my mobile as I seem to have made this little speech many time over the last few weeks. "For swarms press one, for bumblebees press two, for....."  Hopefully it gives me some confidence when I do my bit volunteering for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust during Gardeners' World LIVE this weekend. The weather doesn't look too good for the next few days so a lot bee related chat and some retail therapy might be just the ticket.



  1. Boyd if you don't get any takers Jane (the lady with the Warre hive) would gladly have them off you.


  2. You can put them in the other side of my TBH if you're stuck but I probably won't be around ;-)


  3. Always got space for swarms. Ring me if you want me to collect.