Tuesday 1 May 2012

Ready to go

All the hives in place may need a shuffle and levelling a little
That's it, me and the boys are ready to go, the hives where installed yesterday. Been down to check tonight and would you believe it no bee's, I'm going to have to resort to a big pointy arrow. Since I had no bee's to look at spent early evening waxing more top bars ready to go in.

DIY wax melter great for coating topbars, wife not convinced its a good use of the hot plate.

Looking forward to seeing folks in the Shakespeare pub tomorrow.

Cheers Dave

1 comment:

  1. Dave
    That all looks brilliant and great fun for the kids - as you say all you need now is some bees. Hopefully, with a spell of warmer weather, swarms will start appearing and you'll be knee deep in bees.

    The idea to use a hot plate for keeping the wax molten whilst applying to the top bars is brilliant; you should post it on the BioBees forum (if there was a prize to be had it would probably win one!).