Sunday 9 June 2013

My first swarm collected

Hi All
We were just about to have lunch today and Monique called me to look in the back garden ..
Zoom in on the picture and you'll see , this despite a large swarm 2 weeks ago whilst we were away on half term.
This swarm settled in next doors apple tree so After messing about with a box above them , and that I didn't have Tim's number there was nothing for it but to try YouTube -.

It was great and a clip showed me exactly what to do and what to do if it didn't work 1st time , this was from a US top bar supplier so I gave it a go.
Putting my bait box under them , giving them a spray of water as was recommended  then giving them a shake they dutifully fell in and leaving it on the ground,  the bees that were left in the tree came and joined them all - success.

 Alison popped over and has collected them so hopefully they will be happy in their new home
I wouldn't say I'm ready for the next one , but I moved a bumble bee nest from the shed in the sale garden yesterday.

All the best



  1. To continue the story...after a bit of a bumpy ride home (but no loose bees in the car thankfully) I decided not to transfer the bees straight away, but have put Mike's bait box next to their prospective new home & un-taped access holes to give them a chance to get their bearings. I plan on transferring them one eve in the next couple of days, unless someone tells me that is totally the wrong thing to do?!
    I did ring a couple of new members who built hives on our building day, to which Mike replied 'I'm leaving for the Amazon in 10 minutes' (which has to be the best reply I've ever heard!) & Jacquie still awaiting a roof. But comms are still not v organised on anyone waiting for a swarm, so if anyone wants to email me their tel number I will do my best to matchmake in future!

  2. No problem leaving them in the bait hive as long as its within 3 foot of your new home. Keeping them in the box will help if you do find a new home for them.

    Nice one Mike and Monique, I know who to ring if I get a call and can't make it. Sounds like it went really well, did it get the old heart thumping.

    Like the picture of the bee fanning, sure sign the queen is in there.

    Two of mine have swarmed and gone, looks like the other is not going to as its still building from the edge of disaster.

    One thing to bare in mind, don't go looking in your hive for a couple of weeks as you may disturb a new queen and it could cause her to abscond or fail to mate.

    Let the fun continue


  3. M&M
    What a brillaint baptism! Not that long ago you were sheepishly thinking about keeping bees and here you are fully fledged 'bee wranglers' Yee Ha!

    Well done and keep up the good work.

    No bees here yet but I have sourced some lovely lumber to make a few Warre hives from. The bee season doesn't start here until Sept/Oct so I still have a bit more prevaricating time left.