Monday 6 May 2013

Bait Hive Cam now live

Hi I've put my bait hive out and you can view live action at  user name - bees password bees - works on Google chrome , and Firefox  log into server push mode works on ie 10

let me know how you get on - last computery type blog promise



  1. Video works fine though there's some reflection just off-centre spoiling the image. Any chance of zooming in a bit as well? :-)


  2. Looks good. You'll need to be careful you don't attract a barn owl with a hack saw! Lets hope you can attract a swarm. Are the internals similar to the 'TBH lite' you already have? If yes you can work between the two but may need to modify the bars slightly if you want to donate anything you catch to someone else. Good Luck!

    Makes us feel homesick, especially for some woodland, daffodils, etc. but can't complain.

    Boyd & Cath

    1. Hi Boyd - yes its TBHlite bars , they are the same length though !
      Well rain and wind today so I guess it'll bee better where you are


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