Wednesday 3 April 2013

Hive Building & Meeting info

Hi all Meeting: As those of us that made it tonight discovered, after many months of uncertainty the Shakespeare has now closed! We reconvened in the Malt Shovel & although cosy, is not v practical for a gathering of above 3, so from next month, our 1st Wednesday in the month meeting will be held at the Harrington Arms, Thulston. Plenty of space, parking, real ale & hospitable landlords. Hive Building: Hive building will be this Saturday (6th April) from 11am at mine - think we have pretty much sorted tools, wood etc, everyone welcome, I will have the kettle going, & bearing in mind the temperature, will probably put a big pan of soup on as well, but please bring sandwiches etc. Anyone need address, directions etc, please email/ring/text me or anyone else in the group you have a contact for (I've been advised not to post address on a public blog thats all!) Look forward to seeing everyone then. Alison


  1. A nice start time, may have family in tow as Jo's parents only live the other side the castle. Looking forward to it, see you Saturday.


  2. Family very welcome, the more the merrier, have trampoline & football net in the garden to help keep them entertained!