Saturday 2 March 2013

Garden activity

Hi all
It was great to see you all on Thursday , the turn out was fantastic and we're all enthused ready for the spring.
As the sun has got its hat on we've has a lot of flying today and the bees have been feeding on Monique's snowdrops in the front garden .

So it looks like they know how to make the most of the sunshine  and they are coming back loaded up and taking a rest in the Sunshine on the roof of the hive. Not sure about the pollen though very pale.
So we look forward to beeing with you all on Wednesday .


1 comment:

  1. Been having a good look at mine today and they are likewise having a good fly around and coming back loaded with pollen. If you want to find out the plants the pollen is coming from try looking for pollen charts online. Its surprising the colour of pollen in some plants.