Wednesday 9 January 2013

DaDBeeP Meeting - Wednesday 9 January 2013

Massive thanks to those who braved it on this dank evening; a shame that a few more couldn't make it but I know we are all busy people. There was however plenty of energetic post Christmas chat, unusually mostly about bees, and between us we formulated a plan to spread the word about 'natural' beekeeping and Top Bar hives to a wider audience over the next few months. I won't steal Tim Lowe's thunder on the 'recruitment drive' but I hope you can all either help-out in someway or attend a few of the events we have planned!


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  1. A very enjoyable evening, thanks to everyone for their information on not only bees, but chickens, hydroponics & even bomb disposal!
    Have left a message for the lady who takes village hall bookings re the 13th Feb, will let you know booking is confirmed when she gets back to me.