Sunday 11 November 2012

Possible talking venue.

Whilst browsing the local web I came across the Melbourne Area Transition (, their 'Community Response to Peak Oil and Climate Change'.

It may be that they might be interested in finding out more about sustainable beekeeping the Dadbeep way. If anyone fancies joining me I'm happy to approach them and find out if they might like to hear about what we do.

Let me know what you thing about this in the comments.

All the best to you all,



  1. I'm up for a bit of spreading the word, A few props and interesting info to hand out should be all that's required.

  2. Hi Tim (Hope you are feeling better?)
    I'm a gnats parts away from getting confirmation of the move to Qatar but I will be more than willing to help either from here or there to spread the word.

    I have a fairly good data project that I am willing to gift to DaDBeeP if you think it will help promote DaDBeeP and natural beekeeping? I intend to bring to the next meeting, for the Bee quiz, so if you want it we can do the transfer then.