Wednesday 22 August 2012

Weston Bees and Himalayan Balsam


We have seen a lot more white bees going into the hive again this week , in fact the garden looks like it is snowing now just before the rain comes ! Perhaps this is a new weather prediction tool we can adopt , if it looks like snow at the bottom of the garden then it is going to rain.

Although we have always said we wont look regularly we were wondering if we needed to add any more bars . and its fair to say that we do .....
This is what the HB has fuelled I'm guessing and they have been very prolific in a week so more bars added as they had almost made it to the follower board. The bees have also made entrances at the bottom of the hive pushing their way past the plastic grill on the bottom , they can get out but can't get back in that way.

Anyway we hope to see you all in September


  1. ....and you call me an 'addict'!


  2. Well and truly hooked I'd say.

    When you making the next hive.